Ways to support Chorus Angelicus & Gaudeamus

Tuition, ticket sales and performance fees cover approximately 49% of our expenses each year. The remaining funds must come from individual, corporate, foundation, and government contributions. These donations are used to fund general operating expenses and to offset tuition.

Unrestricted Donations

Every gift, no matter the size is very important! Give as you are able to directly help children in our community become great singers, and great people!


You can underwrite the scholarship program to help fulfill our mission of complete accessibilty to all interested children.

Gifts in kind

You can support Chorus Angelicus & Gaudeamus with professional services or material goods. Examples of donated services might include graphic design, printing, painting, electrical/mechanical, food catering, and transportation. Material goods donated have included food goods, printers, furniture, art, and everything in between. The fair market value of the item or service donated qualifies as a charitable contribution.

Corporate Match Programs

Double or even triple your charitable contribution! Check with the human resources department to find out if Chorus Angelicus & Gaudeamus qualifies for your company’s matching gift program. Then complete the necessary forms for your employer to match your gift to us.

Donate Stock

Donate stock that’s appreciated in value. This is a win-win move. Donate stock and you won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the profits, and the full value of the stock can be deducted as a charitable donation. For more information, contact our office at (860)496-8841.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a not-for-profit organization, we depend on volunteers. Volunteer opportunities vary, from office help to concert assistance. All volunteer efforts are coordinated by the choir and the Parents’ Committee.For more information, contact our office at (860)496-8841.

Donate Online Today!

!. Make a One-Time Gift 

2. Become a “Sustainer” and make a Recurring Donation