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Chakana Angelicus CD

Chakana Angelicus CD

Chakana: An iconic sacred symbol from the ancient Incan culture of the Andes. An expression of the Quechua language, the name is derived from the root word, chakay, which means “to bridge” or “to cross.”

In this diverse selection of compositions, the choirs of Chorus Angelicus and Gaudeamus, under the inspired direction of Gabriel Löfvall, perform a centuries-wide array of South American and Latin American music, delivering these pieces in their own unique and stirring signature style.

A rare and daring artistic venture, Chakana Angelicus embodies a cross-cultural musical journey that spans the aeons, ranging from pre-Columbian music of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, to works of contemporary Latin American composers. Reflecting the inherent spirit of the chakana symbolism, Chakana Angelicus presents the Anglican choral discipline of Chorus Angelicus and Gaudeamus in a new light, as they bridge the gulf between the old and the new worlds, crossing over to create a fresh and compelling perspective of the choral sound.


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