Junior and Senior Choirs

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir of Chorus Angelicus is composed of twenty boys and girls, ages nine through twelve. The choir meets twice a week from September to June, and performs several times each year, both independently and in conjunction with the Training Choir and Senior Choir of Chorus Angelicus. During their rehearsals, the children in the Junior Choir learn a varied selection of sacred and secular repertoire. In addition to singing, the choristers spend their rehearsal time strengthening their musicianship skills, developing friendships, and becoming independent young leaders.

Senior Choir

The Senior Chorister level is the top level within the choir. They are the most expert singers in the group. Senior Choristers must be willing to commit to making their participation in Chorus Angelicus a top priority in their lives, with all the privileges and responsibilities involved. The seriousness of this commitment is essential to the quality of Chorus Angelicus.