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With the dizzying array of entertainment options available today, we thank you for joining us to hear our choirs sing. We take great pleasure in providing high-caliber choral concerts for you to enjoy. But these concerts are just the tip of our iceberg! Our choral school program is the heart of our organization – shaping young voices as they come up through the ranks.

Our young choristers may come to sing, but leave with so much more. They learn vital life skills important in their academic and life success – creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, collaboration, dedication, and accountability. As chorister parent Rodnie Hunter explains,

Today I watched my son become a finalist at his school spelling bee. As he stood with poise in front of the whole school, he calmly spelt words out with aplomb and confidence that he did not have a few years ago. He has carved out his own spot with his peers, who respect and like him now. For this boy with limited opportunities, the choir has accomplished enormous strides: he is thriving scholastically, socially, and personally. He is being trained with other children to embrace life, peace and goodness through music. These kids will be future peacemakers., spreading joy and love through song

Through your continued support, Joyful Noise has been able to keep our choral school program competitively priced while offering tuition assistance to families in need. The support you provide by attending our concerts and events or donating monetarily gives an immeasurable gift to these young singers. I hope you’ll consider a gift to help us insure that the future of the choral arts is brighter than ever by supporting Joyful Noise.

I’m grateful to you for considering this request. Thank you for loving choral music and for being a part of our community. We wouldn’t be who we are today without you.

With gratitude,

Joyful Noise, Inc

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