Annual Citrus Sale Fundraiser

January 2018

It’s time for our Annual Citrus Sale. We will be offering half and full cases of delicious Sunkist California Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit. As many of you already know, this fruit is so good it sells itself!!

This fundraiser is essential to the financial success of our organization. The result of a successful campaign has these positive impacts on our organization:

  • It helps control tuition costs
  • It provides funds for scholarships
  • It helps expand our artistic programs
  • It provides funds for future endeavors, such as tours and recordings

Please help us make our annual citrus sale a great success!  Share this page to your friends and family…

Reasons why you NEED citrus!

  • Prices are very competitive, and often lower than what you would pay in the grocery store, and the quality is far superior
  • Fruit is a healthy choice and something most households buy regularly
  • The fruit is picked just prior to delivery and transported directly to us.
  • The citrus will last for many weeks when kept at a consistently cool temperature.

All orders must be in by Feb, 5th.

Delivery and pick-up date for the fruit will be in Torrington at K-Tech International, 56 Ella Grasso Avenue, on Feb 24th. *  

Each chorister who has sold fruit is responsible for picking up and distributing fruit to his/her list of customers unless prior arrangements have been made with the JNI Office.

*Exact delivery date is subject to weather conditions in FL and CA. We will notify everyone the week before the current delivery date if there is any change in the schedule, and the pickup times



February 12th Update

Citrus Order was phoned in on 8th.  We will have pickup information shortly.   – Thank you!